24% of Retailers view an Order Management Solution as the most important technology for the Omni-Channel customer experience¹


Choosing the right retail management software has a huge impact on business. For an Order Management Systems (OMS) – the right choice isn’t always clear.

On this choice, is it better to focus on retail solutions as part of a software suite or best-of-breed point solution? Neither an easy question nor an easy choice!

That's why we put together this 15-page analysis on how so many CIO's chose Best-of-Breed OMS systems for their retail solutions.

CIO Guide gives you:

  • Business – Technology – Integration Model explaining the decision paradigm 
  • Choices CIO’s are making for their business application software across different industries
  • 4 Critical elements for making your choice
  • A Scorecard to assess your own needs


Take a quick read, and assess your own OMS / retail management software needs.





18 Point Retail Management Software Scorecard

Making the right decision starts with being informed. The CIO Guide gives you the tools you need to make a sound decision of choosing a Best-of-Breed OMS for your integrated retail solutions supporting your Omni-Channel needs.

Use the 18-point Scorecard at the end of the CIO Guide to help you assess they type of business application software that best supports your organisation. No two retailers are the same. While a Best-of-Breed OMS may work for most, evaluate your own operation to make sure it suits the retail solutions needs you have now and following years.


Quick and Easy Way to Get Started

Choosing a mission critical system like a Retail Order Management System is a big decision. Taking the decision too lightly will paint you into a corner. You don't want a mission critical system implementation that just does not keep up with your needs. That's why if you are looking for a new OMS for your retail management software, you need to read this. 

It can be tempting to simply go with the system extensions on the retail solutions that already worked for your brand. But, this simple approach could end up costing you money with every order shipped


Steps to Help with your Business Application Software Decision

Take the easy and quick survey of your needs. Do the following simple steps to assess the business needs, technology and integration that will get you running efficiently, effectively and for the long run.

  • Download the CIO Guide
  • Turn to page 14
  • Complete the Scorecard, and add up your Score

A score of 55 and over means a Best-of-Breed OMS is your best choice.
A score of 54 or under means a Software Suite might serve your needs at the moment.


Join us on social media and Let us know Your Thoughts and How you Scored!

¹ Forrester-OrderDynamics 2013 The Retail Order Management Imperative