Should you Build or Buy a Retail Order Management System?

Every retailer is unique in its own way. There are distinct products, services and needs. But does that mean that you completely customized application software for your order management system? Build or Buy BriefIt is an age old question and this two-page brief gives you the quick details, summarizing several studies on whether to Build or Buy.

Find out: 

  • Pro's & Con's of Build vs Buy
  • Four key areas that causes IT & software project failures
  • Risks of building  
  • How to Reduce your Risks


For example, did you know that 61% of IT projects failed or had challenges in 2015.¹ 

Get the two-page brief now and make sure you don't become next year's statistic!




Will your next IT project be a success? 

IT projects costs companies a great deal. In retail we need great IT resources to keep our systems runing, integrate the various pieces together, and make sure the flow is flawless for customers. IT lets us communicate with customers regardless of the medium (online, mobile, social, in-store...).

So it is naturally to think that if you have a great IT team - that they can put together a great order management system, too. In fact, many IT leaders consider this very same option. And it is a very important consideration, to determining if it is more prudent to build or buy your order management system.

Before drawing any conclusions, or starting your development team, make sure you know the stats. The build or buy brief highlights important statistics, key areas to focus on, risks, and pro's and con's.  


OMS Briefs 

Omni-channel Retailing: It can be confusing. Helping you sort out what you need, OrderDynamics has created a series of briefs on various aspects of the Omni-channel Retail business. We call this series the OMS Briefs - which stands for Order Management System Briefs. Each two-page analysis gives you the basics on what you need to know, in areas that are either directly a part of Retail Order Management, or touch it in some way. 

Download our Build or Buy Brief, free. We trust you will find it to be a quick and effective reference guide to help ease some of your difficult choices. 


¹"CHAOS" The Standish Group Report, 2014,