Order Consolidation Brief

Today, there is a critical flaw with the way most retailers are completing a ship-from-store order fulfillment. Most retailer's order management system have simplistic fulfillment approaches - that Retail Order Consolidation can fix.

All retailers try to encourage customers to order more goods to meet the free shipping minimum order. That means more and more orders include multiple items. That means more and more retailers will be completing multi-box order fulfillments. No secret here that one order with multiple shipments means margins lost to shipping expenses. 

That's why you need to know about this advanced Order Management feature: Retail Order Consolidation.


  • What is Retail Order Consolidation

  • How it is Different from 'minimizing shipments'

  • To what 50% of Logistics Costs are attributed


Read the free brief now. Learn what the other retailers only wish they had known about. 

Retail Order Consolidation Brief