What is Retail Order Routing?

Retail Order Routing is about driving costs out of your Omni-Channel Retail business, and improving efficiency.

As your business and number of channels grow - the complexity of routing your orders - grows exponentially. Optimizing a serious business, running in real-time, without a solid retail order routing system, is simply not sustainable

This Retail Order Routing Brief helps guide you through the important parts of what to consider, for an engine that will keep up with your business and pace.



  • How Order Routing will boost your business.

  • Benefits an Intelligent Order Management System offers.

  • What you should seek when getting started.



First Step: Read the Retail Order Routing Brief

Competing in today's Omni-Channel Retail market is more challenging than ever. Not only do you have to maintain different channels and avenues to show, reserve and purchase your products - but you have to do this within a seamless, brand experience. Making sure it all happens seamlessly means you get to keep your customers. However, in a hyper-competitive environment, you have to keep finding ways of running your business efficiently. Our retail order routing brief helps you understand why you need it, fast. That will help you achieve this goal.

When your customer places an order, you need it to be fulfilled as fast as possible. But you also have to make sure that you do it as efficiently, and as cost effectively as possible. AND you need a system that can change at a moment's notice - to adapt to the latest business changes.  

It can all be confusing. Helping you sort out what you need, OrderDynamics has create a series of briefs on various aspects of the Omni-channel Retail business. Each two page analysis gives you the basics on what you need to know about a topic like the details in the retail order routing brief. It spells out when you will want to use it, and some key features and benefits you will find in robust systems. 

Download this OD Brief, free. We trust you will find it to be a quick and effective reference guide.