Retail Order Consolidation Datasheet

Is your shipping costs getting out of hand?  Has ship-from-store caused you to ship out multiple packages for a single order? Omnichannel retailing can become complicated, very quickly. More so, an in-effective ship-from-store strategy can drive your margins down in a blink. 

That is were Order Consolidation steps in. Make the most of your stores with a ship-from-store strategy without breaking the bank.  Download the Order Consolidation Datasheet today to learn more about this much needed Order Management capability. 

Find Out:

  • What Exactly is Order Consolidation

  • 3 Main Benefits of Reduced Shipments

  • How Quickly and Effortlessly You Can Set up This Feature

Download OrderDynamics' Order Consolidation Datasheet to learn more.

Order Consolidation Datasheet