Who Needs Retail Order Routing?

Retail Order Routing is about getting customer orders fulfilled quickly and profitably. But do you really need it? That depends on how much you could be saving! Retail Order Routing

Retailers working with an omnichannel strategy and 15+ locations need a strong retail order fulfillment system. Retail order fulfillment systems start with strong retail order routing.

OrderDynamics Order Routing lets you: 

  • Leverage stock across your locations
  • Optimize shipping costs
  • Balance inventory levels
  • Increase foot traffic & store revenue
  • Choose order splitting options
  • and more...


You need an efficient and effective retail operation. That means optimizing the order routing for the vast number of shipping permutations you face daily. OrderDynamics helps by giving you the peace of mind, knowing that your orders are optimized to the business rules and conditions you set. It's about a retail order fulfillment system that gets it right.

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Advanced Features and Functionality 

47% of retailers reported higher online revenues as a result of implementing a Ship-from-Store program.¹ Ship-from-store lets you leverage your inventory, across all your locations (stores, distribution centers, or other stock locations). A solid order routing engine is the starting point for your retail order fulfillment system.

Are you sure your light order routing module is working to minimize your shipping costs?  That's where a robust OrderDynamics order routing & order fulfillment system helps. Your business faces millions of daily order routing permutations. Sometimes you need order splitting. At other times you want the system to make the call on keeping orders together to minimize shipping costs. Order splitting is great for speed, but you also have to balance with this the need for cost efficiency. You need a solution that can keep up with the capacity, and make decisions based on your complex business rules and needs. That's where OrderDynamics' Order Routing delivers. 

Find out how OrderDynamics can help you, in this 2-page datasheet. 


¹The Retail Order Management Imperative - Why OMS Technology is Playing a Pivotal Role in Cross-Channel Revenue Growth - A Forrester Report