Shopify Plus Datasheet

Thinking about Shopify Plus, currently one of the fastest growing eCommerce Platforms in the world? If you want to drive more retail sales, you need to think about connecting it with a robust Order Management System. To connect the two you will want a reliable middleware solution. 

This is where the collective benefits of VL Omni Middleware and OrderDynamics' OMS can help. This Shopify Plus datasheet, shows how you can create a best-of-breed Unified Commerce system with Shopify Plus, OrderDynamics and VL Omni. 

Find Out:

  • 6 Reasons you need middleware to help

  • Advanced Order Management Features You Want for your solution

  • How the 3 make Unified Commerce work

Download OrderDynamics' Shopify Plus Datasheet to learn more.

Shopify Plus Datasheet