Omnichannel ROI Calculator

Order Management is a powerful technology for retail. To make omnichannel a reality - this is the core system you need. It unifies your entire retail supply chain and e-commerce technology stack. But as the decision maker, you need to know there is a Return On Investment (ROI) for all your efforts. 

Enter the Omnichannel ROI Calculator today.


What Will It Tell Me?

Omnichannel-ROI-Calculator---James-McBain_v3Be equipped with the right estimates to help you make your case. This Omnichannel ROI Calculator will break down the important elements of your omnichannel strategy. Based on your specific retail operation, it provides estimates on:

  • Additional Sales
  • Saved shipping costs
  • Reduced need for markdowns
  • Resell on in-store returns


How Does It Work?

First, our Omnichannel ROI Calculator is ideal for mid-large (enterprise) sized retail chains. 

As a senior retail chain manager, fill out the form to the right to get us started. We may need to reach out to you to clarify a few points. 

Then, we will schedule a walkthrough of the results for your chain.


Industry Values 

A growing number of consumers expect in-store pickup today, online inventories shown at the store level, and in-store returns. IHL points out recently that, "the greatest growth in retail - Buy Online and Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) which was up over 46% of the holidays." In other words, shoppers expect omnichannel already. As more adopt the shopping style, retailers without it will be left behind. So, it's important to your business health.

But, to make a solid case, the Omnichannel ROI Calculator uses industry-accepted values. These go into estimating the return on your technology and process investment. 


Next Move Is Yours

Next steps are simple. Provide a few details on the form to the right. Click to submit. Then we will do the rest, and let you know when we can discuss your specific results.  



What Retailers Like You Think:

“We have been thinking about launching an omnichannel strategy for quite some time now, but we weren't sure about whether it would really pay off. We asked for an ROI discussion. The OrderDynamics people were great at asking a few questions and really engaging with the business. They stepped us through what is possible, and what we could realistically expect. This ROI calculation and report were helpful. It let us think things through, and armed me with the data I needed to pitch our approach to the CEO. Still working on it, but we are now making strides."