BOPIS: State of the Industry          

Pie chart - 24%A great point of change in Retail is the evolution of Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS). Although not all retailers are on board with the new trend, many are, from which we can draw out a few best practices. But even among these top US retailers there is room for growth. For example, out of 300 site visits, we found that 24% of BOPIS orders were NOT ready for pickup even after pickup notifications were sent! 

So, what else do our top 10 US retailers do really well when it comes to BOPIS? Where are they falling flat? Find out in the BOPIS State of the Industry Research.


Buy Online Pickup In-Store: State of the Industry Report

Download to discover:

  • How the Top 10 US retailers fared across 300 secret BOPIS shopping experiences,
  • How real secret shoppers approached the BOPIS buying journey, 
  • What portion of the BOPIS experience influences overall satisfaction of the purchase the most,
  • BOPIS elements that need the most improvement, 
  • How the Top 10 US retailers compared against one another on BOPIS / OmniChannel services


Delve into the state of Buy Online Pickup In-Store in the US today!




What Retail Experts Are Saying

"A great review of in-store pickup (BOPIS) and how it is being used today, with some of the biggest US retailers. Great learnings on what it takes to get it right, for all retailers!"
Radu Munteanu, Founder & CEO, Luminos Labs

"Well thought out in terms of approach and it did a great job of identifying the touch points and key success factors of BOPIS. Without a doubt the in-store experience at the end is key. Making customers search through the store for the area to pick up their purchase is not acceptable. Retailers that scored high are getting top marks in this area. For retailers who haven’t yet attempted BOPIS, this is important research that they would find very interesting."
Steven Reinblatt, eCommerce & Omnichannel Consultant, Ascendis Consulting

"...could not be more timely. This comprehensive study truly captures the significant value of getting the BOPIS process right, from both a technology and operations perspective. The true magic of BOPIS will come to life when customers engage with educated and empowered retail sales associates. Those associates will have the tools and solutions in place to know these customers, and drive them to buy incremental products, more full price items and at higher margins. BOPIS is a long-term investment as there is a culture change associated with it. It’s more of a marathon than a sprint. Nice job!"  
Brandon Rael, Operations & Retail Digital Strategist


"An outstanding eye opener on how essential and equally important is the total integration of every component, product, time, human and machine to the success of “buy on line, pick up at store"
Haytham Hamze,  Luxury Management & Customer Relations


"This is the first report I have seen like this, that take a customer's view of the store experience, and compares how well retailers are doing at BOPIS. Interesting stats, and great learnings about who is getting it right."