OrderDynamics' Omni-2000: Canada Research           



Across the expanded retail chain sample of 281 Canadian retailers, this country-specific Omni-2000 report observes Canada as one of the least advanced countries at omni-channel capabilities today, with only 31% of Canadian retailers offering Buy Online Pick Up In-Store services (BOPIS) / Click and Collect.

Does the current retail landscape in Canada is enough for the today Superconsumers? What are the areas retailers in Canada should pay the most attention to? How about returns and inventory visibility? Find out all the insights into the Omni-2000 Canada Research Report.




What you will learn includes:

  • How Canadian retailers have improved (or not) in their omni-channel retail offering from last year,
  • In what way the average Click and Collect commitment by Canadian retailers had change, 
  • In which aspects Canadian retailers need to become better to surpass global customer experience's standards,
  • What significant change is happening to active inventory visibility across Canadian retailers?



Discover the omni-channel capabilities of Canadian retailers today!



What Retail Experts are Saying:

“In a much needed Canadian context, I consider BOPIS “ground zero” for multi-channel retail. If a physical retailer can't execute on this, then they have much less reason to be selling online. Plus, they need to create every opportunity to attract customers to their store. And, this report tells you where retailers are at BOPIS in Canada.”  
Carl Boutet, Executive Director - Retail Strategy, Data & Insights, CloudRaker