OrderDynamics' Omni-2000: UK Research           

Click & Collect UK - 2018 - 64.0%


For the second year running, the UK tops the list of omni-channel embracing markets. In fact, 64.0% of retail chains in the United Kingdom, offer click and collect services to customers. This is exceptional, but is this where the story ends? 

Has retail in the UK gone as far as it can with omni-channel? Are all aspects of the click and collect journey done well? What are the areas for improvement? 


RES - Omni-2000 UK -Creative for LP


What you will learn includes:

  • What makes the UK market unique,

  • What is odd about first page Click and Collect ads

  • 45.0% of retailers offer this type of delivery, and 

  • What shocking change is happening to active inventory visibility?


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What Retail Experts are Saying:

"Great insightful benchmark report that retailers and industry leaders must read!"  
Priya Sonn, Head of Marketing - UK & Nordics, OSF Commerce

"A fabulous read. Great report with key information that retailers need to know."  
Anonymous, Area Manager, Clarins