OrderDynamics' Omni-2000: US Research           



Even though the US is the largest retail market in the world, there is still room for improvement with omnichannel. This is clear given that only 27.5% of retailers in the United States, offer click and collect services (BOPIS) to customers.

Is this the only area where the US is lagging in retail?
How about mobile and social selling? Has there been an improvement in inventory visibility? Find out in the Omni-2000 USA Research Report. 



What you will learn includes:

  • What key in-store pickup element has the US improved by 11.1% from last year, 

  • How the US is better than global standards at returns,

  • In what way only 20.1% of US retailers allow customers to shop, and 

  • What shocking change is happening to active inventory visibility?


Read this useful omnichannel & ecommerce research today! Make sure you know where you and your competition stand when it comes to omnichannel capabilities. Download the Omni-2000 USA Research, now!




What Retail Experts are Saying:

"An insightful primer on where things stand, and where retailers should go from here to optimize the omnichannel experience!"  
Carol Spieckerman, President, Spieckerman Retail


"This report is very insightful. It shows the impact of shoppers in the different retail environments."  
Natalie C, Former Buyer, Olympic College Bookstore


"It outlines the great progress already made by many retailers while highlighting the huge opportunity ahead for those who are willing to continue to fill in the gaps in their omnichannel offerings."  
Lynn Kisser, VP Retail Outlet Stores, Westpoint Home


"I took a look at the research. It is very detailed and hits solidly on several points."  
Anonymous, District Manager, Dollar General