Omni-1000 Global Research Webinar  

After reviewing 1000+ Retailers, Charles Dimov, Director of Marketing & Insights reviews the retail benchmarks, on a Global basis.

Unlike other retail executive opinion based research, the OrderDynamics Omni-1000 takes a shoppers' journey to place an in-store pickup order. Benchmarks compare country by country across various capabilities like click and collect, inventory visibility and returns.   

With over 20,000 quantitative datapoints analyzed, some of the surprising research findings about Omni-channel Retail today - shows: 

  • Country level break-downs of the 37.0% in-store pickup capabilities (click & collect),
  • Levels of Inventory Visibility retailers show online, and
  • How different retail sectors set Average Minimum Orders for Free Shipping 

This recording discusses the Omni-1000 Global results. Detailed global and country specific benchmarks are also available for review. Download them now from the OrderDynamics Resources page 

Watch the Omni-1000 Global Webinar