In today’s world, the retail customer experience and their lasting impression left with consumers is key to revenue growth and loyalty.  Retailers continue to make significant investments to support omni-channel experiences. Primarily this is in flexible fulfillment like in-store pickup and ship-from-store options. Other final mile details that also seriously impact the retail customer experience are often overlooked or de-prioritized.

These smaller details can make or break the overall impression a brand leaves the consumer to feel. It takes a holistic effort to pull together a full brand experience. It is about connecting all the elements that tie in to the cross-channel experience. This whitepaper explores the impact of elements of the omni-channel experience that are often set at a lower priority by retailers. An example is notifying customers of transactions processes, and orders ready for pickup. Improving the retail customer experience is about improving transparency, and personalizing customer service. The impact of subtle changes and adjustments can have a major impact on a global brand with multiple sales channels.  

In the report you will learn about suggested strategies and methods that can align inventory, supply chain, retail infrastructures, and shipping carriers. It all goes toward ensuring retailers avoid hitting a make or break moment in the omni-channel experience.

What you will discover includes:
  • How 56% of web orders are missed because of internal operational challenges
  • Why 30% of retailers say return-anywhere drove customer acquisition and improved store foot traffic
  • How cross-channel national retailers found 80% of its web orders picked up in its stores
  • How a cosmetics manufacturer manages customers and orders from its .com, 3rd party marketplaces, call center, and retail stores via a centralized order management system


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