In a hyper competitive retail world, retailers need to squeeze as much profit and efficiency from their operations as possible. For retailers this means driving more omni-channel fulfillment. This is where you can maximize your return on inventory across the business.

Return_On_Inventory_Report_Artwork.pngRunning omni-channel retail initiatives are a major challenge for most retailers. Frankly, It is a hard thing to do. Challenges include a disconnected retail systems, unlinked inventory data, and limited budgets, just to name a few. Plus, many retail systems are just not designed to support an omni-channel strategy. All of this affects your retail fulfillment capabilities, and ultimately your return on inventory.

This whitepaper explores why an omni-channel order management system (OMS) is the digital backbone that can help you. A robust OMS connects retail systems and extends your legacy technologies. Alone, this can boost your return on inventory and margins, right away.  

Learn about: 

  • How a US-based fashion retailer leveraged $2.5 Million in stagnant inventory over three months.
  • Why Ship-from-Store programs are one of the hottest ways to boost inventory utilization.
  • How Single View of Stock impacts store traffic, in-store revenue, and improves inventory turnover.
  • How Click and Collect reduces inventory markdowns AND minimizes lost profits.